A voice takes us immediately back to the moment
— Jenny, workshop attendee


Audio life stories of our loved elderly

We record individual audio life stories. We empower you to create your own.


There are 125 million people in the world over 80. Let’s hear their collective voice, one life story at a time

You create the tale

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Easily record quality audio


In a few quick steps you'll be recording high quality audio from your phone, tablet and laptop. 

Ask the right questions


Don't know what questions to ask? 

Designed to get your voice cords itching and your heart thinking, our DIY guides make it easy for you.

Learn how to interview


Ssh. It's all in the listening.

Plan your key whys. Follow where the story takes you, and respect their tale.

It’s really helpful to get a range of questions. You think, I’d love to do that... but I don’t know what questions to ask
— Anne, workshop attendee

We create the tale

We record feature-length audio life stories. Book below for interviews in Albury/Wodonga and Wagga Wagga.
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Grab each and every moment, and every opportunity. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just make a start and don’t have any regrets.
— Jenny, workshop attendee

Aged care providers

We offer audio life stories for aged care homes and in-home providers.


We run hands-on workshops for carers, volunteers, community groups and schools.