Need steps? How to make segments & episodes

Once you’ve recorded the audio, you save it as a segment. A range of segments can be added together with external files (music, other audio, voice memos) to create an episode. An episode can consist of one or more segments. The app is very intuitive so have a play around (just make sure you export your audio segments first)

Once you have created your episode it’s time to save it. You then name it, give it a description and you can choose to do three things.

Publishing steps

  • Publish it just on the Anchor listening platform. You can email a link, or post it on social media, and your listeners can simply access it from there. They don’t have to download anything, think of it like a music player they are directed to.
  • Publish it everywhere – If you want the world to know your lasting tale, then you can publish it to most supporting listening platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play Music.
  • Save it as a Draft – It will ask you to click “Publish Episode” and then you can select the down arrow option and save it as a Draft. That means it does not get published anywhere (and you can make changes to it).

Export, export, export

Number 1 tip? Save each audio segment (export) from off the Anchor platform.

It’s very easy, and our helpful screen shot points out how. At each segment there are three dots (…) next to the plus icon, and when you click on the dots, it will come up with Download audio file. You can then download that segment as an a MP3/MP4 file and save it elsewhere. If you are really worried about losing your audio, save it several places. Please remember to do this – by exporting the audio you 100% own the recorded segment and you can access it off the Anchor platform. In addition, these are really important stories, memories and historical items!