Create your lasting tale


Create your lasting tale


Are you itching to record the life story and memories of a loved older person, and don’t know where to start?

Or do your parents or grandparents want to record their own story using audio, but don’t know how to? Do they want to leave a legacy?

This guide contains everything needed to record an audio personal history on a smartphone (recording your own story), with 66 meaningful questions as well as detailed step-by-step guidance on creating an audio recording.

$2 of every purchase will be donated to Palliative Care Australia.

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  • 66 questions exploring all of life’s key moments.

  • Song quote for each life section to tug the (heart) strings.

  • Simple & clear instructions on how record audio on your phone.

  • Instructions your parents and grandparents will understand and implement.

  • A 21-page downloaded PDF.

  • Easy to print out and creates a lovely looking gift presented in your own folder.

  • Readable on screen as well… so saving memories and the environment.