Bring out their story

Are you struggling with how to prepare for and set up an audio interview?  Firstly, don't worry about having no experience. Your loved one may never been a subject of an interview either! Your subject is getting older, and/or reaching the end of life, so they've got stories inside that they want to share. The key is knowing how to unlock these stories. 


Become an interviewer in 10 minutes

Want to become an interviewer in 10 minutes? Test your recording equipment first, ensure your subject is safe and comfortable, highlight the most important questions, personalise the questions to give answer prompts if needed, follow where their story takes you, and most importantly, really listen to their tale. 

For more guidance on how to interview so the tall tales start flowing, click through to the blog post below.


Wanting more? 

Rachel Corbett is a well-known Australian journalist and podcasting expert. She runs a podcasting school at

Click below if you want to hear her podcast on how to become a great interviewer. We provide a link to the podcast episode, as well as written tips summarising the episode. If you want to conduct even better interviews with your loved ones, then spend 15 minutes listening to her advice.


Take a listen

Click below to listen to sample audio we recorded with our loved one, recorded using the Anchor podcast app. You can also see some short videos we made putting images to our audio interviews. We interviewed in a carpeted room, and it was relatively quiet.