Capture your loved one's story in their own voice

We show you how to record the personal history of your loved ones as they grow older, are living with a memory disorder, or are reaching the end of life.


Free workshop on Saturday 6th April 2019 @ Museum of the Riverina in Wagga Wagga.

Easily record quality audio


In a few quick steps you'll be recording high quality audio from your phone, tablet and laptop. 

1. Decide how to record your audio. 2. Grab some headphones 3. Choose your audio software, or podcasting phone app. 4. Find a quiet, well-furnished room. 5. Read my tips and lessons learned.

Ask the right questions


Don't know what questions to ask? 

Designed to get your voice cords itching and your heart thinking, our questions start conversations that count.


Learn how to interview


Ssh. It's all in the listening.

Ensure everyone is safe and comfortable. Check you're recording. Jot down personal notes, highlighting the most important questions. Use visual aids, such as photos. Follow where the story takes you, and respect their tale.

We create your tale

A Lasting Tale offers personal history & life memories audio story packages and workshops.