Silence that little whisper


Remembering my father’s gravelly voice reciting The Man from Snowy River. Recalling the rise and fall of my sister’s expressive voice as she taught me, her little sister and student. A pit in the guts, reminding me that time is pulling us ever-forward. That the time to record my mother’s fascinating and unsung tale is upon me.

This is my story. The story that birthed A Lasting Tale.

I’m always listening to podcasts. Two favourites are the ABC’s Conversation Hour with Richard Fidler, and Mamamia's No Filter with Mia Freedman. They both interview fascinating people and provide a snippet of their life’s story and purpose. The subjects are sometimes famous, and sometimes not.  

That got me thinking. I can listen to the stories and wisdom of these people whenever I want. And I don't even know them! 

But I can't listen to the stories - the wisdom - the jokes - the voices - of my own father and sister who have died. I asked myself:

  • What if I could pop in the headphones and listen to a story from my sister?

  • What if my children could hear their grandfather telling a tale at school Grandparents day?

  • What if my niece could hear her mother's wisdom before making a big decision?

  • What if Dad had been able to listen to some of his own stories, and provide solace to a fading memory?

  • If they had been uncomfortable telling their stories to us, would they have talked to someone else?

Today, I turn to my mother. She's cool, she's had a long life, and she spins a great yarn. Now is the time to capture her stories. But how do I record it easily in my busy life? And what questions do I ask? Who can help me?

The final revelation

The final revelation? An ill-defined something whispers in my soul about needing to do this. A pressing need to make sure time doesn’t run out when it comes to mum. Am I alone in feeling this need, I wondered?

So that’s it. I suspect I’m not alone. I suspect other people share this need. This need to capture the stories of the people they love – hear them in their own voice – while they can.

A Lasting Tale fixes that need. We silence that little whisper.